Princetown NY Speeding Ticket Attorney

The town of Princetown either must issue a whole lot of traffic tickets or none at all as the official town website says to allow up to six months before you hear back from the court regarding a ticket whether you are pleading guilty or not guilty. If you woule like an experienced attorney to handle your ticket for you, Randall Kehoe can do just that. While a traffic ticket may be a source of a whole lot of stress for you as you worry about how it will affect your insurance rates, license points, driving privileges, and wallet, much of that fear may come from your inexperience with the matter. Imagine now how much easier the process would be if you had to deal with New York speeding tickets nearly every day since 1990. Because of his vast experience in the area, Mr. Kehoe can handle your case from start to finish at a low, affordable fee and can help you obtain the best outcome possible in the Princetown traffic court with charges from speeding to A.U.O., unregistered, following too closely, failure to yield, disobey traffic control device, reckless driving, to other violations and misdemeanors. For a free consultation of your case, place contact our office by phone or complete the "Get Started Now" form. There is no obligation or pressure to hire.

Schenectady County DWI Defense

Our office defends clients faced with DWI / DWAI and other alcohol / drug - related charges in courts within Schenectady County. Mr. Kehoe and his associates have experience setting clients up with certified Substance Abuse Counselors, negotiations, plea bargains, and trials. These cases face clients with serious consequences including the installation of an alcohol interlock device on offender's vehicles. To discuss the details of your DWI case in Princetown or another court in Schenectady county, please contact our office by phone, email, or live chat support at your convenience. If we are unavailable, feel free to leave a message and we will return it as soon as possible.

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